As a Psychic Clairvoyant Reader

 I will use my abilities only for good.

  1. I will endeavor to meet my client’s needs.
  2. I accept the inexact nature of the psychic world and make no representations otherwise.
  3. I pledge that the well being of my clients comes first.
  4. I accept and honour the responsibilities and trust granted to me by my clients.
  5. I will maintain confidences of what I have read and heard.
  6. I will obey all laws and, where appropriate, state clearly that this is “For entertainment purposes only.”
  7. My fees will be reasonable and clearly stated in advance.I will not ask for more.
  8. I will not project my life onto the lives of my clients.
  9. I will seek to enhance the positive aspects of life


How do you define a good psychic reading?

What are the elements of good psychic reading?

  • Combines accurate insight with practical advice;
  • Fosters hope and inspiration;
  • Encourages self-examination;
  • Highlights your gifts and abilities;
  • Respects your free will and power to change