Understanding how a reading works

Once a reader has tuned into you, they should be able to pick up on major influences around you. These influences can be from your past, your present and / or your future. Very often past influences are picked up because they have a bearing on our present and future lives.

Most of us have at some point fallen into a trap of the same situations repeating themselves because we have not learned from them in the past. They continue to be repeated until we do learn and we often only learn the 'hardest way' because it is only when it affects us deeply that we learn. You often find that if you have encountered more than your fair share of obstacles and problems on your chosen path it is sometimes because you are not meant to be on that path and the obstacles are there to guide you to a different path.

Sometimes obstacles and problems are there for other reasons that may not be obvious at the time. Perhaps your meant to experience specific types of situations in order that you use your experiences to help other people in similar situations in the future and these obstacles are merely a test of character. This can be small comfort to some people going through difficult times but their reward in life often depends on how they have reacted to these situations and whether they have become mentally, emotionally and spiritually stronger setting a positive example to others and gaining respect or giving up and becoming bitter and resentful in the process.

It is during difficult  times that we learn more about ourselves and other people and what we are truly capable of. When we find we are in situations we dont understand, have no control over or are in denial of, a reading can help put things into perspective by not only looking at the bigger picture but also providing some positive insight into the clients future. Re-assurance that there is something positive to look forward to is often the only encouragement someone needs to find the strength to deal with their situation and see it through to its conclusion.

Readings can be a very personal and private spiritual experience which some people will get different things out of readings that other people will not. They can sometimes be emotional as they can highlight issues that may have been buried and in acknowledging these issues, is the first step to healing. Readings play a small but important role in the big picture and are ultimately supposed to teach us how to mature and become spiritually stronger by gaining insight and learning about ourselves and how we deal with the situations we find ourselves in so we can teach and help others.