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Psychic Clairvoyant Phone Reading 45 Minutes

This is a very personal, in depth, confidential reading covering all the issues that concern you. Your readings wil be delivered in a warm, sincere and genuine manner. I use plain "jargon -free" language. With the help of my guides I will answer your questions as I link in with you using voice vibration.

Your reading will be Clairvoyant,Clairsentient,Claircognicant and Empathic.reading using Tarot and other divination cards Runes,Astrology,Pendulum,Numerology as psychic tools.

During the reading I will look at your past, the current situation, and give the major focus to looking into the future. Your reading will provide insight and spiritual guidance to help you move forward with your life and provide you with options and choices.

Throughout the reading you will have the opportunity to interact ask and discuss anything you wish, as and when it occurs to you. There are no per minute charges. The price you see is the price you pay. I phone you so there are no additional costs for you. Your reading will be 45 minutes long, but could be longer according to individual needs. So this is truly excellent value.

please note this is not an instant service)

Please Note I am only able to phone you free on a Uk landline.

For legal reasons I am obliged to state that this reading is for entertainment purposes only.it is not intended to be a substitute for legal ,medical or other professional


Psychic Clairvoyant Phone Reading 60 Minutes

Psychic Clairvoyant Telephone Reading 60 Minutes

Extended version of the above  reading


Romany Gypsy Psychic Phone Reading 45 minutes

A Romany Gypsy Psychic Phone Reading using RomanyTarot ,Crystals,and Pendulum

A Gypsy Reading using playing cards.crystals and pendulum covers Love,Relationships,Work,Career,Luck Family,Wellbeing.


Astrological Profile Report

A full Astrological Profile sent to your email address .An Astrological Profile is a poweful tool to allow you to discover your true potential an insightful and fascinating report that gives you the keys to self.Requires date.time and place of birth which will be requested after purchase..


Rune Reading by email

A reading using ancient wisdom of the Runes.Delivered to your  email



Numerology Report  
A Numerology report based on your birth details.

Psychic Tarot Course For Telephone Readers

This course is delivered by phone and purchased per lesson. Each lesson is £15, please see description on menu



Fast Track Crash Course In  Tarot Beginners

Tarot Course

This course is delivered by phone

5 x 2 hour lessons £150   1 to 1 personal tuition plus materials and support through Email



Or 1 x10 lessons  1 to 1 personal tuitionplus materials and support through E mail.


Can  be paid in full   at time of booking. A 10% discount will apply if you choose this payment method.





Can be paid in 2 instalments   2 x £75



Can also be paid £70 pound deposit plus 2 instalments of £40





If you want to learn the basics fast this course can be taken over a period of 1 or 2 weeks (this option is only available with full payment at the time of booking)



Instalment uptions will be invoiced.


Psychic Life Coaching Session

These sessions are delivered by phone at £25 per session.You can learn more here.


Astrological Birth Chart Keyring  

A very unique gift.Your Birth Chart on a keyring.This is based on  birth details no one will have another one like it.This comes with an interpretation and full size natal chart.A truly unique gift.


Spirit Destiny 2 Question E Mail Reading

Spirit Destiny 2 Question E Mail Reading

A reading that will answer up to questios in a clear concise and expedient way.For when you need an answer now.


Spirit Destiny EMail Reading 5 Questions

Spirit Destiny E Mail Reading 5 Questions

This is a reading that will  give clarity and guidance answer up to  5 questions.This reading is good for when you have a lot of questions to be answered and can cover a variety of life areas. 


Spirit Destiny EMail In Depth Reading

Spirit Destiny EMail  In Depth Reading


A very detailed and in depth reading giving you a deeper and broader perspective of issue/s, question/s, concern/s.


Free Birth Chart


Professional Psychic Tarot Readers Course

Tarot course


£15.00 per lesson (a £45 initial deposit is required when booking,pays for first 3 lessons)


Intermediate Tarot Readers Course

Tarot Course


This course can be paid per lesson £15 (a deposit of £45 is payable when booking which pays for the first 3 lessons)

This course can also  be paid in full 10% discount applies with this option


Tarot Master Class  

2 hour Tarot Master Classes


Double Lesson Option for Tarot Courses  

Deposit for Tarot Courses  


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