How Psychic Life Coaching can help you.

Psychic Life Coaching Session

Do you want to make some positive changes in your life but don't know where to start. Do you feel dissatisfied in any of the life areas Love and Relationships, Career, Home, Finances, Lifestyle and Wellbeing, Environment, Spiritually, Friends/Social Life, Leisure/Creativity If so then Psychic Life Coaching may help you to start to find some answers and create some solutions. Psychic Life Coaching counselling Sessions can help to point you in a new and more positive direction and to you to discover what is really important in your life. In the hustle and bustle of life it can be easy to lose a sense of purpose and direction.

These sessions provide an opportunity to identify areas for change, which can lead to a more fulfilling and satisfying future. We all come to this life with a unique spiritual blueprint. A cocktail of skills abilities and resources that we call our character. The problem is that for many of us these unique qualities can be lost, never identified or simply never given the chance to emerge in the first place. For most of us our life direction is set and governed from an early age. By the time we have gone through primary school most of us have been conditioned to believe what others tell us about ourselves.Our lives can be shaped by difficult, painful and limiting experiences. In many cases parents, teachers and other significant people have often given us a negative and distorted picture of ourselves. The legacy can be a negative life script, which we act out. Is it time to edit and change your script?

The aim of Psychic Life Coaching sessions is to empower and enable you to find your own answers. These sessions take the form of interactive readings, which can help to illuminate blocks, blind spots, negative behaviour patterns and areas of self-sabotage, which will show up in the readings. The use of psychic tools such as Clairvoyance, Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Runes and other tools help to provide a psychic overview and provide a starting point for change. The sessions can also help you to identify talents, skills and abilities with which you can start to find a new and more positive direction that can help you to map your future.

Having a Psychic Life Coaching session/s cannot be seen as an instant fix or miracle make over of your life Change and healing does involve a lot of effort and honesty with self. If we want things to change we have to be willing to change. So when issues and problems have been identified and goals have been set it will require work and commitment from you. How many sessions you have is up to you. You may just want a one off session or a few sessions to gain some insight and get some answers into a problem or situation. The scope for will depend on the number of sessions A one off session could provide a catalyst for change and point you in the right direction whereas a number of sessions will give the opportunity to work on a life area or areas in more depth

Whatever area or areas of life you are struggling these sessions can provide insight into problems and illuminate the unique talents skills and abilities you can use to overcome them and help you grow.. Session or sessions are tailored to suit individual needs and are unique to you. I am a fully qualified teacher of adults. I hold Professional Studies in Education Honours Degree. A Certificate in Education (Further and Higher Education) plus City and Guilds Teaching Certificates 730 and 731/4 Teaching Adults including people who have Special Needs. I have a lot of counselling, tutoring and guidance experience These are very personal, in depth, confidential sessions covering the issues that concern you. My sessions are delivered in a warm, sincere and genuine manner. I use plain "jargon -free" language. With the help of my guides I will help you as I link in with you using voice vibration. During the sessions we will look at some aspects of your past, the current situation, and give the major focus to helping you shape your future.

Your sessions will provide insight and spiritual guidance to help you move forward. Having worked for many years in the field of Education Therapy, Counselling and Clairvoyance I have helped a great many people explore issues, move forward, set and reach goals to find new and positive direction in their lives. I can help you by using my skills as a Teacher, Therapist, Spiritual Counsellor, Mentor and Guide. Some of the ways you may want to use these sessions are  Review your life from where you are now in the major life areas. Love and Relationships, Career, Home, Finances, Lifestyle and Wellbeing, Environment, Spiritually, Friends/Social Life. Leisure/Creativity/.Sessions can help  you to decide where you most want to make changes, formulate goals and map what you want for the future.  

During the telephone coaching I will support you and work with you to identify the life changes that you want to make and help you to create an action plan that will help you to start to live the life you really want. I am offering a free 20 minute first session to help you decide if this is for you. Subsequent sessions will be 60 minutes long. Priced at £25 per session. (Please note that these sessions are not a meant to be substitute for professional psychological, medical, financial, legal or other advice.)

 Love and light Wendy


Thanks again, I have found you absolutely fantastic in terms of getting straight to the core and giving me the practical tips, encouragement and direction that has really made a huge difference to me.

It feels like years have past since our first session, just 2 weeks ago, because of the big leaps I've taken mentally. I've really had to have a good look at myself and think about what I want from my future and how I move forward living the live I want and not the life my parents etc. want me to live, which has confused me and clogged me up all my life.
Having worked with a traditional Life Coach and pyschotherapist, a Psychic Counsellor etc. (all of which were 3 times the price), no one has been able
to cut through the chaff and help me to focus like you have. I also think, you're not afraid to say it as it is, which
I really appreciate and was probably difficult initially to take in, but has resulted in a clarity I have always sought, but only reached now.
2 weeks on and I'm feeling clearer about myself and able to distinguish what I want and need from my life from what others want for me, as a result I'm feeling more in control, confident and I'm genuinely a buzz with excitement about continuing to empower myself and live the life, I have always dreamt of.
Thanks and I look forward to our next session.